How Long Does It Take For ITunes To Review A Podcast?

How long does it take for an iTunes review to show up?

24-48 hours1 Answer.

I’ve found reviews generally show up within 24-48 hours.

The drop down will only show countries that you have reviews for.

So if only the US is showing then these are the only reviews that iTunes Connect knows about..

How do I get my podcast approved by iTunes?

7 Steps to Submitting Your Podcast on iTunesStep 1: Record your podcast. … Step 2: Complete your podcast details. … Step 3: Choose a podcast hosting platform. … Step 4: Retrieve your RSS feed URL. … Step 5: Download and create an iTunes account. … Step 6: Submit your podcast to Podcasts Connect. … Step 7: Wait for Approval.

How long does it take for a podcast review to post?

This process may take up to five business days. We’ll send you an email when the status of your podcast is updated. You can also monitor the status in Podcasts Connect. Typically, new podcasts go live within 24 hours after they’re approved.

Why is my iTunes review not showing up?

Answer: A: Your reviews are only shown based on the country your iTunes Store is set to. So when your store is set to the US, you wont see reviews from other countries. You can see them by going to the bottom of the screen in iTunes and from there you can change your country.

How long does it take for Google to approve a podcast?

1-10 daysThe process can take between 1-10 days, though most submissions are approved within 3 days. Google will email the address you entered as your Google Play email in PowerPress settings When your podcast is approved.

Why can’t I see my podcast review?

Here are some possible reasons you aren’t seeing your reviews. Your listener might have left a rating, but not a review. … Ratings are often anonymous, so that person’s name won’t show up in the ratings and reviews My Podcast Reviews tracks for you. Your listener might have written a review in a different country.

Are Apple podcast reviews Anonymous?

We see from your post that you’re wanting to know how you can remain completely anonymous when leaving a podcast review in Apple Podcasts. We’d be happy to give you information on that. … If you just rate the podcast with the star rating, it will not show your name. Only if you leave a review attached.

How much does it cost to upload a podcast to iTunes?

One of the many ways that people can find out about your podcast is through iTunes. You can actually submit your podcast on iTunes for free and gain new listeners.

How much does it cost to start a podcast on iTunes?

As you can see, there is really no clear answer as to what it will cost to start your podcast. Generally speaking though, you can expect to pay $200-$500 for a good quality podcast.

How do I view my Apple podcast reviews?

I know that you can view the reviews you have done for podcasts and apps on your iPhone and iPad by going to Settings –> iTunes & App Store –> View Apple ID –> Ratings and Reviews.

How do I manually distribute a podcast?

Before you submit your podcast manually, make sure your desired email address is properly added to your RSS feed!Click ‘Settings’ in the top right of your Dashboard, and select ‘Distribution’Under Distribution (and next to your RSS Feed), you can toggle on or off ‘Display personal email address publicly in RSS feed’More items…•