Is Monday Blues A Real Thing?

Why do you like Mondays?

Monday is a day to forget the woes of the previous week and start afresh.

It represents an opportunity for positive energy that I can bring to the new week.

Monday is the day to get stuff done.

The children are off to school and working from home means I can enjoy my surroundings and work to my own rhythm..

How do you make happy Monday?

6 Steps to a Happy MondayDon’t buy into the Monday hype. If you believe Mondays are terrible, you might look for little things to prove your case. … Make Mondays easier. … Identify why you don’t like Mondays. … Create Monday momentum. … Fuel your happiness with anticipation. … Turn Monday into Funday.

How do you stop Sunday blues?

There are things you can do during your work week, as well as throughout your weekend, to fend off the blues.Identify the triggers. … Do an end-of-the-week recap. … Keep a journal. … Break an old pattern. … Resist the urge to work. … Have some fun. … Exercise and eat well.

What is Monday sickness?

Monday syndrome refers to fatigue, dizziness, chest tightness, abdominal distension, loss of appetite, body ache, inattention and other symptoms when working on Monday. People focus on work and study from Monday to Friday that forms a “dynamic stereotype”.

How do you kick the blues?

5 Ways to Kick the Monday BluesGood ‘ol preparation. First, set your weekend off right by spending ten minutes at the end of the day on Friday creating a to-do list for the following week. … Set yourself up for success. … Press play. … Plan, plan, and plan some more. … It’s all in your head.

Why are Mondays so bad?

You Are Less Healthy Mondays are also the most common day for people to suffer heart attacks and strokes. Even if you don’t end up in the hospital, your blood pressure is higher on Monday, as is your chance of getting sick in general.

What does Monday signify?

Monday gets its name from the Anglo-Saxon word “mondandaeg” which translates to “the moon’s day.” The second day of the week in Nordic cultures was devoted to worshipping the goddess of the moon. Girls born on Mondays were given the name Mona in Ancient Britain, as it was the Old English word for moon.

Why am I always so tired on Mondays?

For many people, getting out of bed on Monday mornings isn’t easy. And many people continue to feel sleepy and unfocused for the rest of the day. … It’s all due to the shift in biorhythms that people experience on the weekend, when they tend to sleep and wake at different times than usual.

What are the Monday blues?

To put all these together, we can define MONDAY BLUES as: The low-spirited, cool, annoyed, sad, unlucky mood of those workers, students, or employees who feel that a mundane, difficult, unexpected Weekday is arriving to force them into going back to work, killing their joys and annoying them.

How do I get rid of Monday blues?

Chase Away the Monday BluesOrganize your desk. When your desk is full of clutter, it is difficult to get any work done. … Ignore social media. … Wear your favorite outfit. … Eat right. … Laugh with others. … Take time for yourself. … Work smarter. … Collaborate with others.More items…•

How do I motivate myself on Monday?

Six Ways to Motivate Yourself on Monday MorningSet a goal. There’s nothing more motivating than having a goal to work towards. … Celebrate. Take a look at what you achieved last week and celebrate that. … Get organised. Even the most motivated characters can be demotivated by a never-ending to-do list. … Be grateful. … Find your reason. … Plan a holiday.

How do you love Mondays?

9 Ways to Actually Enjoy MondaysBlast a happy song when you wake up. … Dust off your crockpot. … Plan a girls night on Monday night. … Don’t hit snooze. … Try something new with your hair, makeup, or outfit. … Start a Monday morning breakfast club with coworkers. … Wait until Monday to start a new book, tv show, or magazine. … Get outside.More items…•

How do I stop hating Mondays?

12 Ways To Hate Mondays LessStart your day by paying it forward. … Wear sexy lingerie under your work outfit. … Make a lunch date. … Catch a few rays. … Get busy. … Plan for after-work exercise. … Wear something new. … Commute with a friend.More items…•

Why do we get Monday blues?

Today, with the fast-pace world and with no time to breathe, weekends come as relief days after 5 days of hard toiling tasks and activities. And, to come back to a working day seems very difficult, hence the widespread concept of Monday blues.

What is Monday Motivation?

Monday Motivation is a slogan redistributed on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook under the hashtag #MondayMotivation where users of the social media sites post positive messages on a Monday. Positive quotes and uplifting messages are included in this hashtag as well as many photographs.

What are the Tuesday blues?

Tuesday Blues is an all-ages, weekly social partner dance event in Portland, and is open to people of all dance backgrounds and experience.

How can I make Monday better?

10 ways to make your Monday morning betterGet up earlier. If you really want to change your Monday mindset, start as you mean to go on. … Get up later. Ok, you’ve skipped number one. … Eat breakfast. … Don’t go back to sleep. … Make more of your commute. … Make someone’s day. … Make Monday your cheat day. … Remind yourself about other successful Mondays.More items…