Question: How Do I Submit Expenses In Expensify?

How do I combine expense reports in expensify?

Can you merge 2 reports together as 1?Sign into your account from a web browser and navigate to your Expenses page.Check the box next to each expense you’d like to move.Click the Add To Report button in the top right corner.Select a new or existing report from the drop-down list..

How much does it cost to use Expensify?

Expensify Pricing Overview Expensify pricing starts at $5.00 per month, per user. They do not have a free version. Expensify offers a free trial.

Can I email receipts to concur?

Receipt images can either be attached to the email or embedded in the email content. Send the email to Enter your delegator’s verified email address in the Subject line of the email.

How do I add multiple receipts in concur?

Click on the appropriate receipt. Then click Attach You can create electronic images of receipts by scanning them then uploading the image(s) from your desktop to Concur. You can upload multiple receipts to Concur, but each image can only be associated with one expense transaction (line item).

What is Concur Expense pay?

Expense pay integrates directly into your travel and expense management process. Once an expense claim is approved, Expense Pay automatically retrieves the necessary funds and electronically reimburses employees or remits corporate cards payments – streamlining your procure-to-pay cycle.

How do I submit an expense on concur?

a) At the top of your Concur® home page, click on + Start a Report Page 2 2 b) Complete all required fields (marked with red bars) and the optional fields (e.g. Project and/or Meeting), as appropriate. Click Next. ii) On the New Expense tab (appears right), click the appropriate Expense Type.

How do you combine reports in concur?

Combine and Separate TransactionsTo combine two items in an expense report, select both items and click Combine Expenses.To separate two combined items in a report, select the combined item and click Move to > Available Expenses. Expense returns the original two items to your Available Expenses library.

What is Concur expense reporting?

SAP Concur connects all your expense, travel and invoice spending in one system, providing a single way to manage spending from end-to-end, gain greater visibility into transactions, improve compliance, and simplify the process for everyone.

How does Concur Expense work?

The Concur Expense solution automatically imports credit card charges and matches them to receipts and itinerary data. Here, receipts are generated from suppliers and fed directly into the expense report. … The SAP Concur mobile app even helps travelers manage their trips and expenses from a smartphone or tablet.

What is Concur travel and expense?

Concur is a cloud based solution to improve process automation, integration and analytics across Travel and Expense processes, while providing a modern user experience and comprehensive mobile support. Concur is now SAP’s solution for your Travel and Expense, having been acquired by SAP in 2014.