Question: What Does Clean Mean In Slang?

What does gunk mean in slang?

Gunk is an American English slang term that was first used around 1950 to mean “viscous substance.” The word comes from a liquid soap made in Massachusetts starting in the 1930s that was also called Gunk..

What is the Latin word for clean?


What does it mean when a guy says you look fresh?

“Looking fresh” originates from the urban centers and means to appear new, appealing or generally good.

What does you’re so fresh mean?

The word “fresh” means new, but in this case it means something closer to “cool”, so when you say, “You are looking fresh!” You are saying that their style or how they are dressed is “cool”.

What does the slang word fresh mean?

fresh adjective (GOOD) US slang. good and attractive or stylish: You’re looking fresh! fresh shoes.

What’s a fancy word for clean?

What is another word for clean?spotlesscleansedwashedimmaculatepristinepolishedsparklingspecklessunblemishedunstained45 more rows

Is it Cleant or cleaned?

So, to answer your question: the word “cleant” does exist, but it seems to be used only in very specialized contexts or places. Usually, “cleaned” is the past participle of “clean.”

What does immaculate mean in English?

free from spot or stain; spotlessly clean: immaculate linen. free from moral blemish or impurity; pure; undefiled. free from fault or flaw; free from errors: an immaculate text.

How do you say very clean?

Synonyms forclean.fresh.hygienic.immaculate.neat.polished.pure.sanitary.

Is gunk a Scrabble word?

GUNK is a valid scrabble word.

What does clean mean?

adjective, clean·er, clean·est. free from dirt; unsoiled; unstained: She bathed and put on a clean dress. free from foreign or extraneous matter: clean sand. free from pollution; unadulterated; pure: clean air; clean water. habitually free of dirt: Cats are considered clean animals.

Does fresh mean rude?

Rude, cheeky, or inappropriate; presumptuous; disrespectful; forward. No one liked his fresh comments. Sexually aggressive or forward; prone to caress too eagerly; overly flirtatious. Hey, don’t get fresh with me!

What does clean mean sexually?

Clean = HIV Negative. [ WEHOville does not endorse the dichotomy of “dirty/clean” to describe HIV status. We do encourage knowing the status of your sexual partners] Masc = Masculine, “straight-acting,” a guy’s guy.

What is another word for gunk?

Similar words for gunk: dirt (noun) filth (noun) goo (noun) grime (noun)

Is gunk a real word?

noun Informal. any sticky or greasy residue or accumulation: gunk on the oil filter.