Question: What Does LP Stand For In School?

Why is LP test done?

A lumbar puncture can be used to: collect CSF for testing to detect disease conditions.

measure CSF pressure to detect hydrocephalus.

deliver contrast dye to the spinal canal during a myelogram.

deliver anesthetic numbing agents to the spinal cord..

Is lumbar puncture painful?

A lumbar puncture is where a thin needle is inserted between the bones in your lower spine. It shouldn’t be painful, but you may have a headache and some back pain for a few days.

What does school stand for?

SCHOOLAcronymDefinitionSCHOOLSeven Crappy Hours of Our LifesSCHOOLSeven Cruel Hours of Our LivesSCHOOLSix Cruel Hours of Our Life

What does score stand for in school?

Cooperative Opportunities for Resources and EducationSCORE. Schools Cooperative Opportunities for Resources and Education.

What does PN stand for in school?

PN in EducationPNPatient Note Medical, Patient, HealthPNPicture Naming Picture, Fluency, PresentationPNPlanners Network Networking, Technology, PlanningPNPlural noun Literature, Language, LinguisticsPNPostnatal Age Medical Education, Medical15 more rows

What is score stand for?

the Service Corps of Retired ExecutivesSCORE initially was an acronym for the Service Corps of Retired Executives. Founded in 1964, SCORE is a nonprofit organization that provides free and confidential business mentoring services to prospective and established small-business owners in the United States.

What does LP mean in medicine?

A lumbar puncture (LP) or spinal tap may be done to diagnose or treat a condition. For this procedure, your healthcare provider inserts a hollow needle into the space surrounding the spinal column (subarachnoid space) in the lower back to withdraw some cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) or inject medicine.

What are the risks of a lumbar puncture?

RisksPost-lumbar puncture headache. Around 25% of people who have undergone a lumbar puncture develop a headache afterward due to a leak of fluid into nearby tissues. … Back discomfort or pain. You may feel pain or tenderness in your lower back after the procedure. … Bleeding. … Brainstem herniation.

How much is a score?

Lincoln’s address starts with “Four score and seven years ago.” A score is equal to 20 years, so he was referencing 87 years ago — 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed. The speech was made, then, seven score and seven years ago.

What is LP abbreviation for?

long-playing recordAn LP is a record which usually has about 25 minutes of music or speech on each side. LP is an abbreviation for ‘long-playing record. ‘

What does D in front of a name mean?

It means ‘from’ in French and is usually followed by a place name. It is an abbreviated form of ‘de’ and is used before a vowel and the letter ‘h’ – which is not pronounced in French. … The Germanic form of it is ‘von’ and you will often see this in Germanic baronial names and titles.

What does CB stand for after someone’s name?

CompanionThe order has a civil and military division and is awarded in the following ranks: Knight Grand Cross (GCB), Knight Commander (KCB) and Companion (CB). The Order takes its name from the symbolic bathing which, in former times, was often part of the preparation of a candidate for knighthood.

What does LP mean after a name?

limited liability limited partnershipIf so designated, the name must contain the phrase “limited liability limited partnership” or the abbreviation “LLLP” or “L.L.L.P.” and may not contain the abbreviation “L.P.” or “LP.” [PL 2005, c. 543, Pt.

What is a LP in psychology?

LP: Some licensed psychologists use this credential to indicate their status. … To be certified, a professional must be a licensed psychologist, hold an accredited doctoral degree and have passed a licensure exam.