Question: Why Is The Dark Knight Trilogy So Good?

Is The Dark Knight better than the Avengers?

Dark Knight is great but The Avengers was so much better and had no plot holes.

While The Dark Knight had many plot holes.

As excellent as The Avengers is, the Dark Knight remains the best comic book movie..

Is the Joker Batmans brother?

That’s right: Batman and Joker are half-brothers, at least according to Penny. The movie never explicitly makes clear whether that’s true or not. … Though the film is populated with comic book characters, no iteration of Batman has revealed Bruce is related to his ultimate archenemy.

Who is Batman’s brother?

Thomas Wayne Jr.On antimatter Earth, Owlman was now Thomas Wayne Jr., the older brother of that reality’s Bruce Wayne. In most mainstream DC universes, Batman’s genesis occurred when young Bruce Wayne was witness to the murder of his parents, and was inspired to devote his life to fighting crime.

What is the number 1 superhero movie?

The 50 best superhero movies of all time, ranked”The Dark Knight” (2008) Warner Bros.”Logan” (2017) Ben Rothstein-© 2017 Marvel. … “Spider-Man 2” (2004) Columbia Pictures. … “Black Panther” (2018) Disney. … “Superman” (1978) Warner Bros. … “Avengers: Infinity War” (2018) Marvel. … “Wonder Woman” (2017) … “Batman Returns” (1992) … More items…•

Why The Dark Knight Rises is bad?

The Dark Knight Rises remains Christopher Nolan’s worst movie because it isn’t about anything. It tries to be about a lot of things, but none of them add up. The best thing you can say about the movie is that it doesn’t feel like a phoned-in contractual obligation as much as hefty text that got away from its author.

Is Gotham connected to the Dark Knight trilogy?

In their own report about the TCA press conference with Kevin Reilly, IGN offers that Gotham will be similar to the dark and gritty Christopher Nolan movies as well as not connected to the DC movie universe and Ben Affleck.

Is the Dark Knight trilogy overrated?

No,it is not at all overrated. I would say it is the best superhero movie made till date. Brilliant direction by Nolan,superb acting by Christian Bale makes it one of the finest trilogy made,and who can forget Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the joker in The Dark Knight for which he was awarded an Oscar.

Why The Dark Knight is a masterpiece?

One of the reasons for why The Dark Knight holds up today as the best superhero movie ever made, even in the face of Marvel behemoths like Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, is because it is the most grounded and brilliant take on a real-life interpretation of, not just Batman, but a superhero.

How much older is Joker than Batman?

The Joker was initially depicted as being much older than Batman. However, The Killing Joke presented his origin as a young comedian with a pregnant wife, and he was about 25 in it. This was nine years before the common DC canon, making him 34 now, so maybe the Joker is the same age as Batman.

Is Endgame better than The Dark Knight?

The Dark Knight Trilogy is much more than just a comic adaptation of the famous character of Batman aka Bruce Wayne. … Even though I’m a Marvel Fan, Endgame is more of a movie made for comic fans by comic fans. Endgame is a great comic-adapted movie but The Dark Knight Trilogy is a great movie overall.

Why is The Dark Knight so good?

The Dark Knight is an extremely good movie. … It’s good because of Christian Bale’s badass acting while playing the role of Batman and because of how Heath Ledger played Joker and made it look so convincing, it was creepy and cool.

Why did Nolan stop Batman?

“We never had a specific trajectory,” Nolan said. “I wanted to put everything into making one great film, I didn’t want to hold anything back.” The character was rebooted in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which actor Ben Affleck put on the cape and cowl for a more world-weary take on the character.

Is Black Knight an avenger?

The original Black Knight’s descendant and the supervillain Black Knight’s nephew, he inherited a mystical sword that carried a curse and took the Black Knight name to help restore honor, and has been a long time member of the Avengers’ various incarnations as well as the Defenders, Ultraforce, Heroes for Hire, and MI: …

Why Batman is the best?

One of the great things about Batman is that there are so many stories that can be told about the character. Batman works in just about any type of story. Gritty crime stories, straight superhero tales, even supernatural stories. … Superman is a great character, but he doesn’t work in certain kinds of stories.

Who is Joker’s father?

Thomas WayneHe is the father of Bruce Wayne (Batman), and husband of Martha Wayne as well as the paternal grandfather of Damian Wayne. Wayne was introduced in Detective Comics #33 (Nov. 1939), the first exposition of Batman’s origin story….Thomas WayneNotable aliasesBatman (Flashpoint & DC Rebirth) Dr. Wayne9 more rows

What is dark knight about?

With the help of allies Lt. Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) and DA Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), Batman (Christian Bale) has been able to keep a tight lid on crime in Gotham City. But when a vile young criminal calling himself the Joker (Heath Ledger) suddenly throws the town into chaos, the caped Crusader begins to tread a fine line between heroism and vigilantism.The Dark Knight/Film synopsis

Why is Batman so overrated?

He’s overrated because he’s worth $500 million per annum to DC. This means he shows up in more stories than anyone else, and wins fights he couldn’t possibly win. He used to be the super hero without powers but now he has an extremely long list- superhuman strength, godlike endurance, toughness, bones like steel etc.

Is Batman too dark?

Yes. Though original Batman stories were dark and gritty as they were based on pulp fiction and noir, Batman himself wasn’t such a dark, grim & gritty character as he is since 1980s. … Batman killed in the beginning for only one year from 1939-40 and that too when needed, but he didn’t beat criminals to a bloody pulp.