Quick Answer: Can I Do CA With BCom?

What does B Com Ca mean?

Career Prospects Students opting to undergo a course in B.Com (Computer Applications) learn not only the subjects of Commerce, but are also taught to use the software technology for their professional requirements.

The course bridging commerce and computer applications helps them to become smart and employable..

What is the total fees of CA?

CA Intermediate Fee StructureS.No.Details of FeesBoth Groups (Rs)1.CA Intermediate Registration Fees150002.Student’s Activity Fees for CA Intermediate20003.CA Intermediate Registration Fees as an article assistant1000Total CA Intermediate Fees18000

Which college is best for CA?

35 CA Colleges in IndiaS. No.CollegesLocation1.The Institute of Chartered of India (ICAI)Noida2.Navkar InstituteAhmedabad3.Indian Institute of Finance and AccountsPune4.Siddharth AcademyThane1 more row

Can a average student crack CA?

The answer is NO. The CA exam requires smart study and the study based on study material and scanner. … He wrote the exam with cool mind and cleared it with good marks. He was an average student since his academic and my family never thought that he can ever crack the CA exam.

What is best after MCOM?

Career Options After MComEnroll in an MBA Program. … Become a Chartered Accountant. … Consider doing the ACCA course. … Pursue Company Secretaryship. … Earn the CMA credential. … Complete the CFA course. … Obtain a CPA license. … Become an FRM certified professional.More items…•

How do I apply to CA?

After registration is complete, candidates can fill the application form of their CA course as per the steps below:Visit the official ICAI website or click on the direct link given below.Register as a new user for CA November Examinations.Choose registration number in the drop-down.Authenticate using course+SRN+DOB.More items…•

How long is CA course?

5 yearsChartered Accountancy is a good career option if you are interested in subjects like taxation and accounting. The career path to becoming a Chartered Account (CA) is challenging but very promising as well. The entire Chartered Accountancy course duration is almost 5 years.

Is CA a good option?

Ans: Yes, CA is a reputed career option in India with a good salary package. Q2. Is pursuing a CA a stressful job? Ans: No, pursuing CA is not a stressful job.

Can I do B Com and CA together?

Yes. You can do a BCom and CA together. There’s no problem in the same. In fact, as per the new regulations of the ICAI, a student who has cleared CA must also be a graduate, not as a matter of discretion but as a matter of rule.

Is CA difficult for average students?

As CA is a Professional course and so its a highly demanding career option. Its nothing like that the course is too tough for the students who is average. … Even an average student can complete the CA course and make a career in CA. You need to study hard for clearing the CA course.

Is it better to do CA after BCom?

C.A. (Chartered Accountancy) is a very good PG course to pursue after Bcom. In fact, you can start the initial levels of C.A while doing your Bcom, thereby saving some years after graduation.

What can be done with CA?

A Chartered Accountant can pursue career in following firms: Internal Auditing. Tax Auditing. Forensic Auditing. Career in Accounting and Finance. Taxation Advisory (Both Direct and Indirect) Statutory Audit under applicable statutes. Managing Treasury function.More items…•

Can I clear CA in first attempt?

To clear the CA exam in one attempt, candidates should have a positive attitude. They should be self-motivated to study all the time. To rank in the CA exam candidates should plan to study for at least 10 to 15 hours per day. … CA candidates must prepare their own short notes for every topic of the entire syllabus.

How is the life of CA?

Chartered Accountants (CAs) are some of the highly paid professionals in India, and their work is hectic and strenuous and involves a lot of risks. But they must take time out to relax and rejuvenate and spend time for their inner self.

Which BCOM degree is best for CA?

As a bachelor degree is not the ultimate requirement for Chartered Accountancy Course, still if you are willing then better to choose B.Com and you will be able to get basic kmowledge about accounting, Law, Taxation, Auditing, Cost Accounting and Financial Management which will definitely help you in CA course.

Can CA be done with regular college?

ICAI allows people pursuing graduation through Distance Learning to start articleship alongwith Graduation but does not allow students pursuing graduation through Regular College to opt for Articleship along with Regular College.

Can I do CA with MCOM?

Yes, you can. With the permission of the Institute a student can pursue one course of study at a time. A student has to submit application in Form No.

How many hours a CA student should sleep?

8 hoursYou should take proper sleep of around 8 hours (7 hours in the night and 1 hour in the afternoon to get refresh your mind).

What is the age limit for CA?

21 yearU can appear for exam after 12th Pass. However for qualifying as a CA, your age should be 21 year. S D Bala is a widely traveled international banker . Holds the unique record of taking up chartered Accountancy at age 57 and qualifying at 60.

Is 5 hours of sleep OK?

Sometimes life calls and we don’t get enough sleep. But five hours of sleep out of a 24-hour day isn’t enough, especially in the long term. According to a 2018 study of more than 10,000 people, the body’s ability to function declines if sleep isn’t in the seven- to eight-hour range.

Which type of B Com is best?

List of Available Top 5 B.Com SpecialisationB.Com (Economics) – Many students like to specialise in economics for their B.Com degree. … B.Com (Accounting & Finance) – … B.Com (Financial Markets) – … B.Com (Banking & Insurance) – … B.Com (Taxation) –