Quick Answer: Can Your Friends See What You Post In A Group?

Can you make a post in a closed group public?

Because in Closed groups you are not allowed to share content publicly.

You can make it Public if you have a small enough group, but after you hit so many members it locks the group on closed and cannot be changed..

Can restricted friends see my group posts?

No, unfortunately not. If the group is public, posts will be pushed to your activity. In addition, since they are in the same group, privacy settings don’t really apply, as they are allowed to read any message within the group.

Can your friends see what closed groups you’re in?

No one who isn’t a member of the closed group will know you joined it, or be able to see posts from that group in your feed. That said, if any of your friends are IN that group, they would be able to discover that you joined the group. … Why the secrecy from friends?

Do Group posts appear in News Feed?

If the group’s privacy is set to “Closed” or “Secret”, then your post in the group will only be seen by the group’s current members. You may see the post in your News Feed, but if the group is Closed or Secret, then only current members of the group will be able to see the post in their News Feeds.

Can people see what Facebook groups I’m in?

If the group is Closed, kinda. The group won’t be listed on your profile, unless your friends are also in the group. However, you will be listed as a member of the group on the group page, and anyone with a Facebook account can see that list.

Can I hide my groups on Facebook?

From your News Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group. Click Settings in the left menu. Click next to Hide Group. Click Visible or Hidden and then click Save.

How do I stop my friends from seeing what I post in groups?

The only way to prevent your Facebook friends (and even the public at large) from seeing the posts you make in a Facebook group is to ask a group admin to change the group’s privacy level from Public to either Closed or Secret.

Can friends see my comments on other people’s posts?

When you comment on a friend’s photo, anyone who can see your friend’s photo can also see your comment, even if they’re not your friends. If your friend’s photos are publicly visible, anyone can see your comment. In addition, friends of anyone tagged in a photo can see the photo and comments.

Can group members see your profile?

Not only a group admin but also anyone can see your Facebook profile. If you want to hide your profile information from other users you can select only me in the privacy option. Or if you want to show them only to your friends then try Friends option.

Are posts to a closed group visible?

If a group is closed, anybody will be able to see the group itself and request to join, however the posts inside it are just visible by individuals from the group. Your group posts will even be published on your Timeline, but they will only be seen by other members from that Closed Group.