Quick Answer: How Much Is A 2008 Saturn Aura Worth?

How much is a 2008 Saturn Outlook worth?

2008 Saturn Outlook Value – $1,856-$4,157 | Edmunds..

How much is a 2008 Saturn Astra worth?

2008 Saturn Astra Value – $893-$2,403 | Edmunds.

Is Saturn Aura a reliable car?

Saturn Aura is good reliable family sedan car that is ready to take commuter miles and still be gas efficient, it’s a vehicle that only gives problems when it’s in need of major repairs.

How much is a 2008 Saturn Sky worth?

2008 Saturn Sky Value – $2,229-$5,706 | Edmunds.

Are 2008 Saturn Aura good cars?

Although not without a few rough edges, the 2008 Saturn Aura is a well-rounded midsize sedan with sufficient levels of style, comfort and performance to please most families of four. If you’re looking for a domestic-brand alternative to the import standbys, this is one of the best choices for 2008.

How much is a starter for a 2008 Saturn Aura?

The best part is, our Saturn Aura Starter products start from as little as $119.99.

What is the Blue Book value of a 2008 Saturn Vue?

2008 Saturn VUE Value – $1,389-$3,142 | Edmunds.

Is Saturn Outlook a good car?

Saturn Outlook Change Vehicle With its roomy interior, the Outlook is an excellent alternative to a large, truck-based SUV for buyers who don’t need the extra towing capacity or off-road ability of a truck. There are 5 recalls on this vehicle.

How much is a 2009 Saturn Outlook worth?

2009 Saturn Outlook Value – $2,196-$4,808 | Edmunds.

How much is a starter for a 2007 Saturn Aura?

We currently carry 21 Starter products to choose from for your 2007 Saturn Aura, and our inventory prices range from as little as $119.99 up to $372.62.