Quick Answer: How Should You Design A Submerged Body To Ensure Its Stability?

Which statement is correct for stable equilibrium for submerged body?


A submerged body is in stable equilibrium when the centre of gravity coincides with the centre of buoyancy..

What are the conditions of equilibrium of a submerged body?

The equilibrium of a body submerged in a liquid requires that the weight of the body acting through its cetre of gravity should be colinear with an equal hydrostatic lift acting through the centre of buoyancy.

What is the effect of center of gravity on the stability of the floating body?

In general, if the center of gravity of the body lies below the center of buoyancy stable equilibrium prevails. An overturning couple leading to unstable equilibrium results if the center of gravity is above the center of buoyancy (Fig. 2.20). It becomes more complicated when floating bodies are considered.

Which principle is used for calculating the Centre of pressure?

3. Which principle is used for calculating the centre of pressure? Explanation: We balance the moment in order to calculate the position of centre of pressure. Explanation: Pressure at every point is different as the depth of different point from is different.

What is the difference between Centre of pressure and Centre of gravity?

Center of Pressure The center of pressure is the point where the total sum of a pressure field acts on a body. … As the center of gravity (the point where the weight of the body acts) is fixed, this movement of center of pressure affects the stability of the aircraft.

Why does Centre of pressure move forward?

The central reason for the lift of a wing is that the airflow over the top of the wing is moving faster than the airflow on the bottom surface because it has further to travel. The faster the air moves, the lower its hydrostatic pressure. … This is basically why the centre of pressure moves forward.

What is stability in fluid mechanics?

In fluid dynamics, hydrodynamic stability is the field which analyses the stability and the onset of instability of fluid flows. The study of hydrodynamic stability aims to find out if a given flow is stable or unstable, and if so, how these instabilities will cause the development of turbulence.

What is meant by Metacentre?

Metacentre, also spelled metacenter, in fluid mechanics, the theoretical point at which an imaginary vertical line passing through the centre of buoyancy and centre of gravity intersects the imaginary vertical line through a new centre of buoyancy created when the body is displaced, or tipped, in the water, however …

What is the distance between the center of gravity and center of pressure called?

We call the average location of the pressure variation the center of pressure in the same way that we call the average location of the weight of an object the center of gravity. The aerodynamic force can then be resolved into two components, lift and drag, which act through the center of pressure in flight.