Quick Answer: What Is Self Supporting Course?

What is self financing colleges?

Note that a self finance university is one which does not receive any financial aid from the Central Govt.

Such an institute finances itself through the fees paid by the students who enroll for the courses and may get private financing from other sources, such as a corporate house..

What is SS engineering?

SS stands for ‘self supporting’ courses. … So the only difference between the two courses is the variation in fee structure. The fees is high in SS courses.

What is mechanical sandwich engineering?

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Sandwich) is one of the prime courses that fetch Subject knowledge through practice by providing Industrial Training or Implant Training during the course period to the students. …

What is aided and self financed?

Greetings! A course that gets aid from the government is termed as aided course whereas a course that does not get any funds or aid from the government is called as unaided course. While aided course get support from the government, unaided course do not get any support from the government side.

What is self financed?

Self-financing is one of the main sources of funding for a company, together with capital and credits. Self-financing occurs if the activity is profitable and if a decision is made not to distribute the profits. … finance its growth, its investments or repay debts, without having recourse to external funds.

What is sandwich course in Anna University?

Course Details Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering Sandwich is Four years (8 Semester) full-time undergraduate engineering course offered by Anna University, Chennai and approve by AICTE.

What is EEE sandwich?

Sandwich course in PSG Tech is similar to a normal B.E but for 5 years. … The main thing about sandwich course is students will be sent for a Two months internship to various industries in India and also to some of the foreign universities at the end of the 3rd year. This opportunity is only for sandwich students.

What is the salary of CSE?

$68,800Average overall CSE starting salary: $68,800 Starting salaries depend more on the individual’s experience, size and type of company, and location than on the field.

Is CSE good for future?

There is a huge scope of placements in CSE. In fact, it has taken the top position in placements as compared to the other fields. Programming involves a lot of innovations and students who love programming and designing or have a creative mind with a good understanding of coding can get into CSE and fit in very easily.

Which is better CSE or ECE?

Both are equivalently good sector. To be precise ECE is better than CSE only relying on the condition that your’re not a good programmer(JOKING). CSE course will be easy throughout your 4 years but ECE will be very tough. Any branch that is integrated with electronics is named as an evergreen branch of engineering.

What is the difference between self finance and regular?

Regular courses are funded mostly by University and self-finance is by the candidate. The fees for self-financing courses will be higher than regular courses. If you mention the name of the course, we will provide details on fee structure.

What is CSE SS?

SS means self support courses without any financial assistance from Government in any form. … Normal fee structure for CSE is where a part of tuition fee is cobered by UGC and hnece not self support courses.