Quick Answer: What Is The Lowest Winning Score Ever On Jeopardy?

Who won Jeopardy greatest of all time tonight?

Ken JenningsKen Jennings is the winner of the “Greatest Of All Time” tournament.

He was the the first to win three games against James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter..

Who won goat jeopardy 2020?

Ken Jennings’ GOAT, wins $1 million. By David BauderUpdated January 14, 2020, 5:23 p.m. NEW YORK — Being bold paid off for new “Jeopardy!” mega-champion Ken Jennings, while it didn’t for his opponents.

Can you play Final Jeopardy with $0?

No. You can go to Final Jeopardy with just $1 But not $0. You automatically get the third place prize of $1000 for being on the show though, same as finishing in the red.

Can you be on Jeopardy twice?

Can you go on Jeopardy more than once? As in “Can you lose a game, audition again, and come back and play again?” No, not under the current rules. … Now, note that doesn’t disqualify you if you appeared on the Art Fleming version, and of course the way the game works is you can keep playing as long as you’re winning.

Who are the top 5 money winners on Jeopardy?

Ken Jennings. $2,520,700.James Holzhauer. $2,462,216.Jason Zuffranieri. $532,496.David Madden. $430,400.Julia Collins. $428,100.Matt Jackson. $411,612.Austin Rogers. $411,000.Arthur Chu. $297,200.More items…•

Has there ever been no jeopardy winner?

If no contestant finishes Final Jeopardy! with a positive total, there is no winner. This has happened on several episodes, most recently on January 18, 2016. … A triple zero has also occurred twice in tournament play (1991 Seniors and 2013 Teen), and also once in a Celebrity Week episode in 1998.

Has there ever been one contestant on Final Jeopardy?

The last time there was only one contestant on Final Jeopardy! was on a show that aired March 12, 2015. That is when Kristin Sausville, a 34-year-old stay-at-home mom from Delaware, found herself alone on stage, People reported. “This was not one of our greatest days,” Trebek deadpanned.

How did Alex Trebek die?

game show host dies with cancer aged 80. Alex Trebek, the long-time host of American television quiz show Jeopardy!, has died at the age of 80. Mr Trebek announced he had been diagnosed with stage-four pancreatic cancer in March 2019.

Who are the top 3 winners on Jeopardy?

The three biggest winners in the show’s history — Brad Rutter, Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer — will compete for the title of “G.O.A.T” and a grand prize of $1 million. Rutter, during his time on the show, took home more than $4.6 million in total winnings.

Who won Jeopardy greatest of all time Game 4?

Ken JenningsGreatest of All Time:’ Who won the game four — and do we have a G.O.A.T at last? Ken Jennings is officially the greatest “Jeopardy!” player of all time. Jennings cemented his claim to the title during the fourth match of the “Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time” tournament, which aired on Jan.

Where does jeopardy get their money?

Jeopardy is syndicated programming, which means that the majority of the ads are local. Stations pay for the local broadcast rights; they then recoup their investments by selling ads locally.

What is the most money anyone has ever won on Jeopardy?

Ken Jennings became a household name during his record 74-game winning streak, the longest in “Jeopardy!” history. His winnings total $3,370,700. Brad Rutter is the highest money winner of all time across any television game show, with total “Jeopardy!” winnings of $4,688,436.

Has jeopardy ever had a repeat question?

Has the game show Jeopardy ever repeated the same question for the next show? … No but it is likely that a writing session supports multiple shows; perhaps, maybe a week’s worth of shows. There is a bonus clue for each episode’s categories if you go online.

What happens if all Jeopardy contestants end with zero?

It’s a living document which states that: “In the event all three contestants have $0 (zero) or minus amounts at the end of ‘Double Jeopardy! ‘, no Final Jeopardy! round would be played.”

Who won jeopardy tonight 2020?

With the win, Jennings took home a $1 million prize. Holzhauer, 35, who won one match, and Rutter, 41, who won none and was largely outbuzzed and outguessed by his opponents, each received $250,000.

Has there ever been a perfect Jeopardy game?

The highest possible single-game Jeopardy! score is $566,400. Through 11 games, Holzhauer has averaged $9,993 per Daily Double wager. At that same point in his run, Jennings averaged $2,533.