Quick Answer: Why Did Batman Throw The Rope Down?

Who wrote the Dark Knight?

Christopher NolanDavid S.

GoyerBob KaneThe Dark Knight/Story by.

Who did the music for The Dark Knight Rises?

Hans ZimmerThe Dark Knight Rises/Music composed byThe soundtrack was composed by Batman Begins collaborators Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard and recorded in April 2008. The score won the Grammy Award for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media.

Is Bane really Ra Al Ghul son?

While it does get a bit messy because Bruce Wayne confuses Bane and Talia as the son/daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, basically what happened is that after Talia became imprisoned in the pit, Bane made it his responsibility to protect her.

Is Bane dead in the Dark Knight Rises?

Alone with Batman, Bane stated that both he and Batman knew what had to happen. … but was shot at point-blank range in the chest by Selina Kyle with the Batpod’s cannon, killing him instantly, before he could execute Batman.

Is Bane in love with Talia?

Both Talia and her protector were then trained in the ways of the League. Ra’s began to see Bane as a reminder of the hell he left Talia’s mother to die in. Bane was then excommunicated from the League of Shadows, due to as Talia put it, because he loved her.

What do they chant in Batman?

The film features a prevalent chant of the phrase deshi basara, which, according to Hans Zimmer himself, means “rise up” in a language which he says he’s happy to have kept secret (allegedly Moroccan or another Arabic dialect, even Mongolian word “deeshee bosooroi” which means literally “Rise Up” though this is …

How long was Bruce in the pit?

Bruce Wayne escaped the prison pit about three weeks prior to his return to Gotham (Gordon says it’s 23 days until the bomb goes off right around when the men get hung from the bridge, which is immediately before Bruce climbs out).

Why is Bane so strong in Dark Knight Rises?

If we just follow the Dark Knight Rises movie and what it tells us about Bane, it’s because of his training. Bruce left training with the League of Shadows way earlier than Bane did. … He also damaged his mask, which, as suggested by Bane, supplies some kind of painkiller. Not Venom to make him stronger.

Why did Batman lose all his money?

He loses his money because his company invested in the nuclear battery underground that Bane turned into a bomb but they never ended up usingit, which cost him all his money and for the dumb decisions they voted him off the board, which cut off his cash flow, which turned off his power and made him “lose” of sorts …

How did Bruce Wayne get crippled?

As we see in the Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Wayne seems to have suffered crippling injuries due to his work as Batman that prevent him from being able to walk without the aid of a cane. … Furthermore, after he is broken by Bane and makes his recovery, he returns to Gotham and manages to beat Bane with surprising ease.

Is Batman brutal?

Batman has always been a fairly violent character. After all, he’s a guy who gets his kicks from dressing like a bat and pummeling the snot out of Gotham’s criminal element. Usually, Batman’s brand of violence is strictly PG-13. He may be tough, but he doesn’t kill or even draw more blood than necessary.

Why does Bane wear a mask?

Why does he wear the mask!?” Bane’s Mask is the world-renowned headgear Bane wears to make people care about him and to suppress the constant pain he endures because of the wounds he suffered at The Pit.

How old is Bane in The Dark Knight Rises?

So Bane, say around 22, got messed up protecting 8 year old Talia al Ghul in 1986-1987. If the movie takes place in 2016 (as proved in the timeline), that’s 30 years later, which means: Bane has to be between 50-55. CASE CLOSED.

Why did Bruce Wayne go to jail?

We see him be arrested for being part of a gang of thieves in the middle of a robbery. He is thrown in jail without a name. Of course, he was robbing Wayne Enterprises, so in his mind (and apparently that of the movie) that didn’t really count as “robbery”, but he wasn’t about to admit that to the police.

What’s wrong with Bruce Wayne’s leg?

When we first meet Bruce in The Dark Knight Rises, he’s walking with a limp and using a cane. After a trip to the doctor, it’s discovered that Bruce doesn’t have any cartilage in one of his knees — not to mention other assorted degenerative injuries.

What are they saying rise?

The phonetic transliteration they put there was: Deh-Shay Deh-Shay Bah-Sah-Rah! It is reportedly Moroccan Arabic, and it’s translated as “he rises” or “rise up” (cite) — although tvtropes.com says it literally means “come quickly”. Here’s a bit from an interview with Hans Zimmer about the chant.

How did Batman’s back heal so fast?

In the comics he had a healer named Shondra Kinsolving with low level telekinesis powers who helped heal all of the nerves that were damaged when his back was broken by Bane. It took several months for Bruce Wayne to get back to normal, not days.

How did Bane get out of the pit?

Presumably, Bane was carried out by Ra’s Al Ghul when he rappelled down into the pit with other members of the league of shadows. He recognized Bane as his daughter’s protector, and decided to rescue him. … Bane did not escape the prison, he was rescued by a grown up Talia and her father Ra’s al Ghul.