What Does Tranquility Mean In English?

How do you use tranquility in a sentence?

Tranquillity sentence examplesThe one thing he wished for was rest, tranquillity, and freedom.

The goal in life to be aimed at, according to him, is not happiness, but tranquillity, or equanimity.

The language question still disturbs the tranquillity of the Near East.

Tranquillity is returning to this capital and order is being restored in it.More items….

What is another word for tranquility?

What is another word for tranquility?calmcalmnesscoolnessequanimitypeacequietserenitystillnessataraxiacomposure231 more rows

How do you spell tranquility in the UK?

the quality of calm such as that experienced in places with mainly natural features and activities, free from disturbance from manmade ones.Usage notes. * More common spelling in the UK; less common in the US.Synonyms. * See also.Related terms. * tranquil * tranquillize * tranquilly * tranquilness.External links. * *

What is the best synonym for tranquility?

Synonyms forcalm.calmness.coolness.equanimity.serenity.stillness.composure.quietude.

Is the Sea of Tranquility?

The Sea of Tranquility is the landing site of Apollo 11, the mission that gave mankind its first ever walk on the Moon. In fact, there isn’t a single sea on the lunar surface. … The Sea of Tranquility is actually a lunar mare.

What does repulsive mean?

adjective. causing or occasioning repugnance; loathsome; disgusting or distastefula repulsive sight. tending to repel, esp by coldness and discourtesy. physics concerned with, producing, or being a repulsion.

What Hanks means?

noun. a skein, as of thread or yarn. a definite length of thread or yarn: A hank of cotton yarn measures 840 yards.

Is tranquil a mood?

When a place or your state of mind is peaceful, quiet and serene, it is tranquil. Like a pond with no ripples, tranquil means calm and placid. A pleasant state of mind, with nothing to agitate or cause anxiety, can also be considered tranquil.

What word is the opposite of tranquility?

Noun. ▲ Opposite of mental or emotional calm. discomposure. distress.

Why is inner peace important?

A state of inner peace eliminates anxieties, fears and worries. It also removes negative thoughts, stress, lack of satisfaction and unhappiness. It is a state of emotional and mental poise, happiness, confidence and inner strength. Everyone desires inner peace, even if he or she is not aware of this desire.

What does peace and tranquility do?

Peace And Tranquility By paying a certain number of Pons, the difficulty of the challenge will be lowered. … In Peace and Tranquility mode, you get a stamp of dishonor on the map, but this can be remedied by tearing up the contract and doing the challenges normally.

What does solitude mean?

Solitude, isolation refer to a state of being or living alone. Solitude emphasizes the quality of being or feeling lonely and deserted: to live in solitude. Isolation may mean merely a detachment and separation from others: to be put in isolation with an infectious disease.

What is the difference between peace and tranquility?

As nouns the difference between peace and tranquility is that peace is a state of tranquility, quiet, and harmony for instance, a state free from civil disturbance while tranquility is (tranquillity).

Can a person be tranquil?

The noun tranquility means “a state of peace and quiet,” like the tranquility you feel at the shore of a quiet lake or inside a beautiful cathedral. Tranquility can also describe a person’s disposition. … Meditation and yoga can help bring tranquility, by clearing your mind of constant worries.

What does serenity mean?

The definition of serenity is a state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled. Achieving this positive state of mind means you won’t feel as troubled by life’s ups and downs. While addiction often brings chaos, a loss of control and emotional turmoil, serenity will help you stay calm and true to yourself.