Which Version Of Wonder Woman Is The Strongest?

Who is more powerful Scarlet Witch or Wonder Woman?

1 Winner: Scarlet Witch In fact, The Watcher even states that she has the potential to alter probability, which means she can basically control everything.

Although Wonder Woman is the daughter of Zeus, another unfathomable entity, her brute strength and tireless determination is no match for Scarlet Witch..

Can Wonder Woman beat Superman?

Superman may technically be stronger, faster and have more endurance. but Wonder Woman has a warrior’s edge that allows her to believably win a fight between the pair. … No matter how much stronger Superman is, if Wonder Woman is on the warpath, then there’s little to be done to stop her.

Can Scarlet Witch defeat Wonder Woman?

Scarlet Witch wins. Wonder Woman is a skilled amazon and has more experience, Scarlet Witch is more enough to take her down. Wonder Woman has shown several times how ridiculously resilient she is to physical damage.

Who can beat Scarlet Witch?

Franklin richardsFranklin richards is a very powerful person, though he has not yet reached adulthood. He can easily defeat scarlet witch with his mental powers.

Is Mera more powerful than Aquaman?

Thanks to the success of the recent Aquaman, Mera has exploded in popularity thanks to her portrayal by Amber Heard. However, while Aquaman is typically viewed as the hero of the story, Mera herself possesses her own unique abilities that some would argue make her even more powerful than her husband.

Can Superman beat Joker?

Though Joker is almost always a Batman villain, he has actually beaten the Man of Steel several times. … Despite this, DC has proven that the Joker can actually beat Superman, even without powers.

Which version of Batman is the strongest?

Batman: 5 Most Powerful Versions (& 5 Least)1 Least Powerful: Bruce Wayne – Detective Comics #33.2 Most Powerful: God Of All Knowledge. … 3 Least Powerful: Bruce Wayne – The Dark Knight Returns. … 4 Most Powerful: Dawnbreaker. … 5 Least Powerful: Batman Beyond. … 6 Most Powerful: White Lantern Batman. … 7 Least Powerful: Bruce Wayne – Kingdom Come. … More items…•

Who is stronger Dr Strange or Scarlet Witch?

On a normal day then Dr Strange would win. The Scarlet Witch is no slouch when it comes to using actual magic but her magic use is mostly restricted to just Witchcraft whereas Dr Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme and adept with all forms of magic.

Is Batman overpowered?

Batman has the power of a being a portable plot hole. Because he on a regular basis breaks the laws of reality in the DC universe. Batman is completely overpowered, in fact he may be the single most powerful person in the whole DC universe.

Is Mera stronger than Wonder Woman?

In the landscape before the DCEU, Wonder Woman was the third-most famous character from the universe after Batman and Superman, and this isn’t going to go away. Mera might be used to a stronger degree, but Wonder Woman’s fame won’t allow fans to feel that Mera’s the one who’s more powerful.

Is there an evil Batman?

In fact, there are plenty of evil versions of Batman. Most of them are other people who simply took the cowl and mantle. A few of them, however, are versions of Bruce Wayne himself succumbing to the most primordial of human crimes. Here are 10 of those evil Batman versions that even the Joker might not find funny.

Why did Wonder Woman kill Mera?

She also hates humanity in flashpoint and has no problems for killing children. Notably Wonder Woman here seemed to feel as if she deserved Aquaman as a mate and wanted him entirely for herself, hence why she killed Mera and reacted negatively to Aquaman’s ensuing wrath.

Who is the strongest Kryptonian?

Kal-ElThe strongest Kryptonian is Kal-El, Earth’s Superman. Having grown from infancy on Earth, under its yellow sun, Kal’s body has grown to process and store solar energy more efficiently than any other Kryptonian we’ve seen.

How did wonder woman die?

That storyline was great, with some fun Mike Deodato art, but Diana didn’t die. Her mantle of Wonder Woman was taken from her by her mother, Hippolyta, and given to Artemis after winning Amazonian war games. … Neron kills her with like a single thought.

Does Wonder Woman kill Mera?

Mera’s death was ordered by Wonder Woman. In a flashback, Mera is shown to attack the Queen of New Themyscira, which at that point was Diana (Wonder Woman), but she was eventually beheaded by Wonder Woman.